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Silvers Stables Show Teams

All Silvers Stables Show Teams are by invitation only.

Students are invited to the teams level when they have gained the skillset needed to show and have displayed a hard working attitude. All team members are responsible for specific responsibilities within the barn as well as at horse shows. Team members get to partake in extra activities and events inside and outside of the barn.

If a current student or prospective student has interest in showing, please let Kati or Justin know so we can help the rider/driver progress towards their goals.

If a student desires to move up and become ready to enter a show team, it is strongly suggested that a student increase their number of horseback riding lessons throughout the week

Located 30 minutes from Greenville, 25 minutes from Travelers Rest, 50 minutes from Anderson, 35 minutes from Hendersonville, and 50 minutes from Asheville, Silvers Stables is conveniently located to major cities as well as multiple show grounds. 

Show Teams


The Pre-Team is for students who are preparing to enter the show ring. This requires a minimum commitment of 2 days of riding.

Academy Team

The Academy Team is the entry level of showing and is where all riders begin their show journey. Academy riders show Saddle Seat lesson horses and are not required to lease or own their own horses. While not required, Academy riders may own their own Academy horse. All Academy riders must commit to at least 2 rides a week, but 3-4 times a week at minimum is suggested.

Academy Drivers are required to drive once a week.

Performance Team

The Performance Team is for riders who have surpassed the Academy level of skill mastery. Performance riders must commit to a minimum of riding 2 times a week, but 3-4 times a week at minimum is suggested. Riders on this level must lease or own their own horse.

Performance Drivers are required to drive once a week.


This is the barn for you!

While we offer many recreational options for riders not interested in showing, we have a large competition team that competes all over the region and country. There are multiple levels of showing for riders of all ages and levels; those entering the show arena on school/lesson horses all the way up to those who own their own horses and are competing at the highest level.

When a rider is ready they are able to show on the local district (Carolinas, TN, and Georgia) all the way up to the World Championship level.

If a rider or driver is interested in showing, there are multiple options for students ready to start legging up to show. Haven’t ever ridden before but still aspire to show horses? That’s totally fine! We can help you reach that goal. 

Our barn offers Pre-Team options (invitation only and for students who are almost ready to show). Once a rider is ready to show, they are invited onto our show team. Sometimes this takes students 6 months, sometimes this takes students years.


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