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After successful attainment of skills through horseback riding lessons as well as experience in the show teams, students who are ready to move up to horse ownership, will be invited to begin the search for their own horse. Sometimes students may not be ready to purchase and might choose the option of leasing a horse instead. When a rider or driver is ready to purchase or lease their own horse, Justin and Kati plus the student will go through a specific process to help the student find the right equine partner for their needs. This process can be short or lengthy, depending on the students' need, the current market, the student's budget, and the time of year. 

Head Trainer Justin Silvers has many years of experience in all aspects of the industry; breeding, stallion handling, colt breaking, and show maintenance. He has worked with American Saddlebreds, Friesians, Standardbreds, Dutch Harness Horses, and Hackney Ponies. 

Silvers Stables is located in Greer, SC, 30 minutes from Asheville and 20 minutes from Greenville, Silvers Stables is a fantastic location for clients who would like to put their horses in training.

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